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December 2009 - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

Can you market a rolex?

One thing I have always marveled at is the ability of watch companies to market their products. Imagine the odds in front of them: 1) The product was invented in 1800s and has reached a stage beyond innovation ( except for the ones in James Bond movies ) – can’t sell watches based on differentiators anymore. 2) Everyone already owns at least one watch – market is already saturated. 3)  New breed of devices and cellphones make it redundant – who needs a watch when…

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Why social beats search?

The title is a copy of a recent post by Fred Wilson, but the post is not :). The part that caught my attention in the post was the statement “it’s a lot harder to spam yourself into a social graph”. My personal view is that first of all, it is somewhat unfair to compare search with social since they solve vastly different problems. To me “Search equals Intent” whereas “Social equals Discovery“. When you really want to find something, the first thing you do…

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