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I am Pranav Bhasin, a technologist by education, photographer by passion, cyclist and runner by desire, entrepreneur by choice and currently Vice President of Mobile, Innovation and Content at MakeMyTrip. Prior to MakeMyTrip, I have been a part of the initial team that started Trilogy’s operations in India in 2000 and thereafter co-founded a photo-timeline startup called Lifeblob, that was acquired by Printo in 2010.

Know your customers!

While building a product, dealing with release pressures, it often happens that you lose sight of who your customer is. And while you may not realize, losing sight of your customer often causes the value of your product to diminish significantly and sometimes leading to catastrophic results. While building a product, I use a series of simple steps so as not to lose sight of the customer: Customer Profiles: Never start a product without defining your customer profiles. A good user profile creates a mental image…

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The slow and painful death of print media

You know that a disruptive change has happened when your default choice changes. And today we can safely say that print media has been totally disrupted by online media. As a testimonial, take a look at this newspaper clip on the left. This is not just an instance of careless copy-paste, but a reflection of the fact that the content is being produced for the online world by default, not the print media. The default has changed. The decline of print media has been very…

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When you are building a product, belief and perseverance pays

Steve Jobs has always been my idol in building great products. Lately, I have been reading a lot about his past and what I am going to share in this post are some startling patterns that became evident in the process. There are some great lessons to be learnt here. Lets rewind back to 1980s when Apple was selling the Macintosh – it was a complete stack with the microprocessor, hardware, software and applications being built by Apple and sold as one big package. In…

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5 things I learnt from a genius called “Steve”

Today is a sad day as the world lost one of the most respected visionary and creative genius – Steve Jobs. Not only is he the guru for all folks who aspire to build great products, the impact that his innovations have had on the world is such that its hard to imagine what the world would have been without him. I have always been fascinated by how simplicity can create magic and even define new markets that never existed before. Here are a few…

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The last mile issue

One rule that applies to almost every aspect of your life is the 80 – 20 rule. I am almost beginning to be a fan of its universal applicability. Take the issue of why most businesses fail even after doing a lot of things right – because they did not execute the final 20% of the solution ( that would take 80% of the effort ) with the same rigor. I like to call it the “Last Mile Issue”. Last month, I relocated to Gurgaon…

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Why we decided to shut down lifeblob photo sharing post acquisition?

Since the announcement of acquisition of Lifeblob by Printo, there has been a sudden surge of interest in the photo sharing service. Infact, so many people asked me about why we are shutting down the photo sharing services that I decided to write my answer in this post. The answer is a single word: FOCUS The mission of lifeblob was to be a photo sharing that allows people to explore photos through relations in a visually engaging format. For the first two years, we were…

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Lessons on seeking consumer feedback

A few months ago, I and one of my colleagues were on a business visit to Chennai. By the end of the day, we were really exhausted and were desperately looking for a decent place to have our dinner before we caught our bus back to Bangalore. Apply Murphy’s Law on top of the situation and you have a heavy downpour to make the situation worse. Amid this downpour, with luggage in both our hands, we somehow hopped, skipped and jumped around the broken pavement to…

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ibibo, the anti-thesis of social media marketing

They have been all over TV for the last 2 months, but if you missed them for some reason, watch them here before you read on: ibibo ad #1, ibibo ad #2 Notice something strange – its an internet company, that too a social network using a mass media platform to advertise, huh. I wonder who is running their marketing, but whatever they are doing goes completely counter to the concept ( of social networking ) that they are selling. So whats wrong here –…

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VC Circle Bengaluru Investment Forum

This week, I was invited by VC Circle to be a part of the panel discussion on “Bengaluru’s Ver 2.0 Technology Story” in the VC Circle BengaluruInvestment Forum. The discussion was themed around how the technology story of companies in Bangalore is in a next generation transition and was ably chaired by Jessie Paul. Other eminent members in the panel were Sanjay Nayak of Tejas Networks, Sean Blagsvedt of Babajob, Manohar Atreya of o3 Capital and Sunil Maheshwari of Mango Technologies. The discussion started with Jessie doing…

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Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill ( contd.. )

Continued from the previous article here. The second meetup was a panel on “Building social platforms for social activists” involving Jasmine Shah (@jasmine441) and Parul Gupta (@NGOPost) moderated by Gaurav Mishra ( @gauravonomics ). After a quick introduction by Keerthikiran (@keerthikiran), there was a passionate discussion between the panelists with references to how they use social media for their respective causes. Here are some bullet points from the discussion: NGOPost membership jumped from 1k to 25k when they got a Google Grant for free Adwords…

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