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Photo sites and social media

Reuters ran an article last week talking about how traditional photo sharing services are having a run for their money because users of social networking services are happy sharing photos over there. Very true! Infact, this is a repeat of the classic dilemma of reinvent or perish. The basic question to answer is – “Why do people share photos”? Two answers come to mind: 1) To show it to friends and family 2) For archiving, just in case you lose your hard drive full of…

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Photo management is an open problem

Today, I came across this post by Prof Ramesh Jain and I couldn’t agree more. A quick peek at the most popular photo management solutions today will tell you that it is still all about uploading your photos, organizing into albums and creating a slideshow. Flickr, to some extent lets you discover related stuff through tags, but thats pretty much it. To me, a photo management solution is about discovery, photos connecting with each other and navigating through the mesh of related photos. Add to…

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Lifestreaming is bollocks

I just came across a week old article by Stephen Waddington about how lifestreaming is dumbass and blogging is kickass. Well, I think he missed the point. I’m no big fan of twitter or friendfeed and have been a significantly late adopter of these services, but what I do see there is a really strong value add in real-time information discovery. The way twitter has been on top of breaking news lately, I don’t see how someone can ignore this channel anymore. Now coming to…

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