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Business cards and networking - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

Business cards and networking

Most startups underestimate the power of business cards as a marketing tool.

The death of the traditional business card is the writing on the wall. With linkedin, twitter and other social media tools making networking so painless, who needs a business card anymore. Plus we all have phones with a few GB of memory that carry our contacts and music all in one device. Die business cards, die and save us some trees – that is how I thought till a few days back.

This was until I was looking to contact an aquaintance that I had met in a previous networking meet. I was sure I had saved her contact details in my mobile, but I just couldn’t remember well enough to locate her. Thats when I remembered her “very visually distinct” business card that she had given me and it took me no more than 10 minutes to surf through heaps of business cards I had collected over time to get the details.

And then it stuck me hard – there is something about a business card that does not exist in the electronic media. Its the visual cue, the colors, the distinctiveness, the style, things that get into the subconscious of human mind and make it memorable. A neat business card with an attractive graphic is an amazing tool to get people to remember you. Plus, people never really throw away business cards, so there is always a chance they will be able to find you when they need you. Spend a few more bucks to get a double sided business card and you have enough space to give people a message that you want them to remember about your company – a perfect branding tool.

With the NASSCOM conclave starting in Bangalore tomorrow, I got around today to designing business cards for my company in a way that they strongly advertise our photo discovery service – http://www.lifeblob.com with a memorable message around it. Do you think I did a good job – let me know?

lifeblob business card back

lifeblob business card front

2 thoughts on “Business cards and networking”

  1. The card looks aesthetic and professional to me. But sticky ?

    My thoughts on the back side-

    A little bit of creativity can make it more memorable.
    – Lifeblob is not about connecting with friends with photos and videos, this positioning is not exciting enough with Facebook and others around

    – It is about users’ storing their life timelines digitally which is appealing and expected to be a next gen phenomenon

    If the card’s back can showcase the excitement and importance of the idea(both of which exists), it will stick.

    May be your own timeline on the back of the card
    (mix of professional n personal)

    I hope u get the drift.

    Philosophically,Timelines answer the question “What is the story of your life” which is very relevant in the coming times as people are not able to answer “What is the purpose of your life”

    Nitpicking, Even the image u use for lifeblob is missing on the card and the colour of life is different than on the website.

    Guess, u wud have already gone thru such smaller n insignificant issues while designing

    Your webpage looks clean to me. Would like to come over again :)

  2. Anuj – You have some really good points here.

    Regarding stickiness, the visual metaphor I have tried here is expressing the one line explanation as icons below it with a solid blue background. This did cause me to invert the brand colors ( blue on white ) to get the effect – lets see how people who receive the card feel about it.

    The cool thing about lifeblob was not just the timeline representation but also the way your timeline intersected with your friends timelines. We are now taking it one step further and making it a lot easier for you to explore photos through these interconnections – just wait for 2 more days and we have a surprise coming up in our new release. That is the reason for moving from a timeline only message to a broader connecting with your friends message.

    I like your idea of timeline on the back of the card – I only get 50 cards printed at a time so I will be able to try that out pretty soon :)

    Good to hear you liked the new look. Hope you will like the enhancements that we will launch shortly!

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