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The reality behind the Forbes – Flipkart story

Well, if you looked at the title and came to read this, then you get the point – sensationalism sells! I have known the Bansals for some time now, and know a bunch of other folks at Flipkart through common networks and while I don’t know the reality more than anyone else out there, one thing I can vouch for is that they are one of the most focused teams I have ever met, with insane passion for customer delight. They have grown the company…

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Is our country moving forward or backward ( re: Ambedkar Cartoon Controversy )

The whole “Ambedkar Cartoon Controversy” got me thinking about whether we are really moving forward as a country or not. Just in case you have not seen the “dangerous” cartoon, here it is for your reference. Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with this cartoon to deserve such attention. Images are a great teaching tool because visuals get etched in memory faster and also use the right part of the brain which normally remains grossly underutilized in all teaching methods. I must have read in…

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How important is your lifestream?

I recently came across Tac Anderson’s post “What the heck is a lifestream?” and found it very interesting that a simple question like this can spark a very interesting discussion. With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if pretty soon, people who do not have a lifestream are considered social outcasts. The question that comes to my mind is – How important is a lifestream to you? Please take the poll below to share your view on this topic: [poll id=”1″]

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Lifestreaming is bollocks

I just came across a week old article by Stephen Waddington about how lifestreaming is dumbass and blogging is kickass. Well, I think he missed the point. I’m no big fan of twitter or friendfeed and have been a significantly late adopter of these services, but what I do see there is a really strong value add in real-time information discovery. The way twitter has been on top of breaking news lately, I don’t see how someone can ignore this channel anymore. Now coming to…

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