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How to play music in German, Spanish, Italian and 3 other languages

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Are you a music lover but don’t know how to play any instrument? Fret Not! For now you only need to know how to use “Google Translate” and you will be able to create some interesting music and tones. Just follow the steps below and enjoy your greatest musical experience:  Open “Google Translate” in a browser and copy the text below in the source window. pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk…

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The slow and painful death of print media

You know that a disruptive change has happened when your default choice changes. And today we can safely say that print media has been totally disrupted by online media. As a testimonial, take a look at this newspaper clip on the left. This is not just an instance of careless copy-paste, but a reflection of the fact that the content is being produced for the online world by default, not the print media. The default has changed. The decline of print media has been very…

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Facebook STOP copying from Startups

Two days ago, Mashable reported that facebook is testing out a new feature called “Related Photos”. Read their coverage here: http://mashable.com/2010/05/28/facebook-related-photos/. With this supposed innovation, facebook will now start showing other photos of people who are face-tagged in a photo next to it. The application feature addition is designed to drive users to explore additional photos that may be of interest based on the photo they’re currently viewing, thereby further personalizing the experience (and increasing page views). Just to set the record straight, we have…

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Forum Nokia Developer Conference 2009

This is the time for technology events in Bangalore. The latest one that I heard of is the Forum Nokia Developer Conference 2009 that is happening on Dec 7, in Bangalore at Hotel Taj Residency. This year’s event promises to be very special with live demos, real-life mobile application stars who ‘wowed’ the world with their mobile applications to win fame and fortune, and much more. Also, explore how Nokia’s new Ovi Store ensures developers have easy access to publish applications and content to millions…

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