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He is a great Guy - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

He is a great Guy

Guy Kawasaki is in Bangalore and yesterday I had the opportunity to meet him in the tweetup at Nasscom Product Conclave.  He is a very friendly person and went into great detail on the strategy he uses to market AllTop over twitter.

Now, I have great respect for him as a person and as a thought leader, but there are some things that I did not like about his talk.

But before that, here are the things that I liked:

a) Insight on into how automating your tweets can save you a lot of time and effort.
b) Stats on how tweeting the same post at different times of the day can almost double your hits.
c) Emphasis on the basic twitter principle – provide value to your followers.

Things that I would have loved to hear in the talk:

a) How to build a complete marketing strategy around twitter and other social media tools?
b) How to measure the return on investment – even though twitter is free, you spend time on it and that costs money?
c) How does twitter compare with other online marketing media in terms of value for your investment?
d) How long does it take for your twitter activity to start bearing fruit?

Things that I did not like about his talk:

a) Too much self-promotion – alltop and tweetmeme appeared over hundred times in the talk.
b) The proposed strategy of using alltop content to generate tweets seems like self-fulfilling prophecy. Makes me think if the real purpose of the talk was to talk about twitter or to make everyone in the room build alltop pages.
c) His strategy would work for twitter users like him that have a very high following ( because they are a celeb, role model etc ) but what about tweeters who have not acquired that status yet?
d) His strategy is synonymous to twitter spam – I believe that sooner or later, filtering systems will be built on twitter to filter out spam and that will be the end of this strategy.

What is your opinion of the talk? Do you agree with my assessment here – do let me know! BTW, here are some shots that I took during the tweetup:

Find all the Guy Kawasaki NASSCOM photos here!

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4 thoughts on “He is a great Guy”

  1. Good summary Pranav, he always does self-promotion. As

    As I tweeted recently:

    “When you want to use platform like Twitter for pure marketing, be bold and stubborn like @GuyKawasaki”.

  2. Hi Pranav, this is as usual from you a crisp review. Self promotion isnt new but its great if it is wrapped up with a great content. In case of celebs, they do provide. However there has to be right mix content inform of advice, strategy, tips with the self promotion.

    While twitter user in me @tatvic ,I m interested in what he has to offer as content, a user am little interested to hear about his projects “all the time”.

    There is no doubt that Guy is probably best guy in town. The concepts that he has given are timeless & brilliant.

    Thanks for bringing this up !

  3. @Vijay Love your tweet in the way it gets the point across diplomatically ;)

    @Ravi Agree with what you say. I look forward to people like Guy Kawasaki for excellent advice on various facets of starting and running a company. Infact I am a fan of various articles he has previously written about writing business plans, executive summaries and pitching to investors. That magic however seems to be missing in his twitter strategy.

  4. Nice summary Pranav. Though i like the new system of “Lists” on twitter; I never really understood how to use twitter. A strategy session on Twitter had been quite useful.

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