How long will apps continue to rule the mobile world?

There is a general rule of the technology world that I swear by: “Any open standard will sooner or later replace a closed standard”.

The best example of this phenomenon, in the past couple of years, is demonstrated by the manner in which browser based applications have replaced almost all commonly used installed applications ( with a few notable exceptions, where there are obvious advantage to an installed application, like increased productivity in case of office apps, better use of hardware in case of intensive games etc ).

I strongly believe that the ongoing war between the mobile plaitforms will end in the same way, with apps being a transient phase and the browser winning in the end. It’s early days, but this is my prediction, now also on the record :).

A recent Flurry report however seems to suggest that we are still pretty far from something like that happening on mobile ( read the full report here ). Here is why:

1) 80% of time spent on a mobile device is spent on apps, a measly 20% on the browser


2) The pace of installation of new apps has not slowed down since last year


3) The pace of launch of new applications is growing quarter over quarter


What is your inference after looking at these charts?

How long do you think the app honeymoon will last before the browser takes over?
Or do you believe that apps will continue to rule the roost for a really long time?

Leave a comment below to record your prediction and let’s watch this space for more!

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