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The slow and painful death of print media - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

The slow and painful death of print media

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You know that a disruptive change has happened when your default choice changes. And today we can safely say that print media has been totally disrupted by online media.

As a testimonial, take a look at this newspaper clip on the left. This is not just an instance of careless copy-paste, but a reflection of the fact that the content is being produced for the online world by default, not the print media.

The default has changed.

The decline of print media has been very prominent in US and Europe for a couple of years now, leading to bankruptcy of several newspapers, the phenomenon now seems to be gathering steam in India, perhaps the only market where people still enjoy their morning cup of tea with a newspaper in hand.

Another sign of the impending change that is happening is the new generation that has been born post 2000. These folks have started in a world where internet exists, a cellphone is a given and they learn to use iPad even before they learn to walk. These kids are born in the age of digital information and as they grow up, they may never have a space for print media in their lives.

Watch this entertaining video of a kid, who thinks that a magazine is an iPad that does not work :).

One thought on “The slow and painful death of print media”

  1. Nice observation ! Digital is changing the way print / tv / radio works !
    But I feel in a country like India with a lesser laptop / desktop – internet penetration, Mobile media would win !
    With so many affordable Android phones and so many people now getting GPRS activated, I am sure media consumption on Indian mobile phones will rock !

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