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Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill

Its been some time since I reported an event on my blog, so I thought why not start with this weekend’s Social Media Club Bangalore meetup.

The Social Media Club Bangalore was started around 2 weeks back when Vijay ( @amnigos ), Hrish ( @dhempe ), Freeman ( @freemanindia ), myself ( @amnigos ) and a few others met up at Jaaga and shared our coordinates and learnt more about each other. This week, Gaurav Mishra ( @gauravonomics ) was in town, so SMC Bangalore got a double boost and hosted two back to back social meetups.

The first meetup was a panel on “Indian web 2.0 startups targeting the global market” involving myself ( @pranavbhasin ) and Vijay ( @amnigos ), morderated by Kaushal ( @ksarda ). There was a good crowd turnout with the discussion and queries delving into very practical areas of using social media to promote a startup. Some of the bullet points from the discussion are ( in no particular order ):

  • Social media is about conversations, not conversions
  • Have tangible and measurable goals for your social media campaign, but do not link them directly to user acquisition
  • It is possible to get trial enterprise users via email marketing, but difficult to convert them
  • Indian audience behave differently than global counterparts online in giving feedback – Indians only give feedback when there is a problem whereas global audience will give feedback when they like something too
  • Indian startups targeting the global market well: Zoho, Deskaway, FusionChart, Dimdim
  • Indian users will pay for a physical product but will not pay for a subscription
  • If you plan to start up, focus on revenues from day 1 – not every company can scale to the size of a facebook
  • Tips for startups: launch quickly, test multiple designs, ask users for feedback, iterate endlessly, build in virality
  • Brands should use the social media effectively. They should not spam users based on certain keywords
  • Agencies need success stories from multiple markets before they recommend a new social platform to clients
  • The only way for a social platform to grow cost effectively is through invites from present users
  • Non-users always give positive feedback
  • Figuring out a revenue model is more important than acquiring users
  • Mentions on big tech blogs only result in temporary traffic peaks, not long-term users

Here are a few photos from this meetup ( all pics here ):

The summary of the second meetup will follow in the next post ( going up in a few mins ).

6 thoughts on “Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill”

  1. Hey Pranav,

    Thanks for the Dimdim mention among the start-ups targeting the global market. You have put across a very important point about Social media being conversations, not conversions! In fact, all the points noted above are of prime importance. Thanks for sharing them.

    Trideep | Dimdim
    e: trideep@dimdim.com
    twitter: @dimdim | facebook: http://dimdim.com/facebook

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