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E-Commerce Breaking Barriers

[Contributory article for Digital Market Asia, New Year Edition ] The year gone by, 2014, will always be remembered as the year that marked the arrival of e-commerce in India. The year was marked with some of the boldest moves by Indian and global players, astronomical valuations of e-commerce companies, strong growth of smartphones and mobile internet and heavy discounting to drive consumers to purchase online. Let’s get to some numbers first. The Indian e-commerce market, while still at a relatively nascent stage, is already worth…

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My encounter with the real Indian consumer!

It happened yesterday, and totally changed my view of the Indian consumer! I was visiting a renowned hospital in Delhi and patiently waiting in the queue for my turn, to get a new prescription for my glasses. As I looked around me, I saw this man, in an animated discussion with another man and a woman. He must have been in his mid 30s, was very smartly dressed in a Louis Philippe shirt, Blackberry trousers and shoes to match. Looking at him, I thought in…

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The reality behind the Forbes – Flipkart story

Well, if you looked at the title and came to read this, then you get the point – sensationalism sells! I have known the Bansals for some time now, and know a bunch of other folks at Flipkart through common networks and while I don’t know the reality more than anyone else out there, one thing I can vouch for is that they are one of the most focused teams I have ever met, with insane passion for customer delight. They have grown the company…

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Is our country moving forward or backward ( re: Ambedkar Cartoon Controversy )

The whole “Ambedkar Cartoon Controversy” got me thinking about whether we are really moving forward as a country or not. Just in case you have not seen the “dangerous” cartoon, here it is for your reference. Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with this cartoon to deserve such attention. Images are a great teaching tool because visuals get etched in memory faster and also use the right part of the brain which normally remains grossly underutilized in all teaching methods. I must have read in…

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5 ways social media can help Indian companies go global

Since Thomas Friedman wrote “The World is Flat”, going global has an added charm to it. And while there are plenty of opportunities at home, Indian companies are increasingly looking to acquire a global footprint and establish their leadership in other countries too. But isn’t going global really expensive? How do I know whether there is a market for my product outside? How do I find the right kind of partners to talk to? I don’t even know their language, how do I setup my…

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