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The slow and painful death of print media

You know that a disruptive change has happened when your default choice changes. And today we can safely say that print media has been totally disrupted by online media. As a testimonial, take a look at this newspaper clip on the left. This is not just an instance of careless copy-paste, but a reflection of the fact that the content is being produced for the online world by default, not the print media. The default has changed. The decline of print media has been very…

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5 things I learnt from a genius called “Steve”

Today is a sad day as the world lost one of the most respected visionary and creative genius – Steve Jobs. Not only is he the guru for all folks who aspire to build great products, the impact that his innovations have had on the world is such that its hard to imagine what the world would have been without him. I have always been fascinated by how simplicity can create magic and even define new markets that never existed before. Here are a few…

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