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How long will apps continue to rule the mobile world?

There is a general rule of the technology world that I swear by: “Any open standard will sooner or later replace a closed standard”. The best example of this phenomenon, in the past couple of years, is demonstrated by the manner in which browser based applications have replaced almost all commonly used installed applications ( with a few notable exceptions, where there are obvious advantage to an installed application, like increased productivity in case of office apps, better use of hardware in case of intensive…

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He is a great Guy

Guy Kawasaki is in Bangalore and yesterday I had the opportunity to meet him in the tweetup at Nasscom Product Conclave.  He is a very friendly person and went into great detail on the strategy he uses to market AllTop over twitter. Now, I have great respect for him as a person and as a thought leader, but there are some things that I did not like about his talk. But before that, here are the things that I liked: a) Insight on into how…

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Lifestreaming is bollocks

I just came across a week old article by Stephen Waddington about how lifestreaming is dumbass and blogging is kickass. Well, I think he missed the point. I’m no big fan of twitter or friendfeed and have been a significantly late adopter of these services, but what I do see there is a really strong value add in real-time information discovery. The way twitter has been on top of breaking news lately, I don’t see how someone can ignore this channel anymore. Now coming to…

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