Star Trail Videos, Veppanapalli on Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh border
See how star trails form around Orion as earth rotates during the night.
See how star trails form around The Big Dipper, as earth rotates during the night.
Star Trails at Veppanapalli, on the outskirts of Bengaluru

Astronomy has always fascinated me and when the moment came, I could not resist driving down 2 hours from Bengaluru, to Veppanapalli, to see star trails that are difficult to see in the city because of light pollution. Veppanapalli, is a quaint little town on the border of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, that has all the basic necessities, but sans any frills.

This shot shows The Big Dipper in motion, as it goes around the Pole Star.
This shot shows Orion’s movement in the night. Note Orion’s alignment with the celestial equator and stars on both sides curving around it.
Another composition of The Big Dipper going around Pole Star.
Another composition of Orion’s rotation in the night. The silhouette is the cottage where we camped.