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Before you build your product, identify a problem that it solves! - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

Before you build your product, identify a problem that it solves!

The first principle behind building a successful product is to identify a need, or a problem and provide a solution that alleviates it. The larger the number of people for which the problem exists, the larger your potential market size is and higher are the chances of your product being successful.

Now, I’m not writing this post to tell you that – I’m sure you already know it and practice it to the hilt. I’m writing this post because yesterday, I had a pamphlet dropped in my mailbox ( yes, a physical print ) that has me baffled – I can’t seem to understand who has the need for this service and what gives them the confidence to spend money on printing and distributing pamphlets.

So here is a scan of the pamphlet, and an open question for all of you – If you can think of the scenarios when someone would need this service, please drop your thoughts in the comments section.




3 thoughts on “Before you build your product, identify a problem that it solves!”

  1. I came across one such service, that was operating in US and exactly the same question popped up in my mind. On searching I found many such service providers. Apparently people abroad do use these services. Refer to the links.
    1. http://www.moversandpackers.org/blog/2010/7-reasons-people-use-self-storage-units/
    2. http://www.easystorage.com.au/who_uses.html
    There might be a small segment of Indian consumer interested in this.
    Like outstation Students, Small medium businesses while they’re shifting to new office space, People getting their home renovated looking for temporary space. 
    But again, I think finding a cheaper alternative(‘jugaad’) won’t be difficult.

  2. @rj_jain Very interesting – thanks for the links. Most of the use cases there seem very “american” in nature or at least “not a dire need” in the Indian context. As you rightly said, most Indians would prefer a “jugaad” solution than pay for a “nice to have” service.

  3. This reminds me of owning a STORE Room, … we all used to have in bungalows. In societies / apartment, this concept is lost, you will still find it in DDA flats though. 
    And people now have no choice but to discard stuff which is no longer needed for a year or so or dump it in box beds, or overhead self, hoping to use it in future.  This is a great alternative to it and will grow a lot of customers living in 1-2 BHK or small apartments or joint-family in societies.  
    Like – Gifts you receive  but have no use in near future. Big Travel suitcases and bags / stuffs you need when you go on vacation, 1st baby / sibling stuff for 2nd child, Winter Blankets,  Guest Room Blankets and other stuff which is needed when a guest / relative comes for staying. Winter clothes, Pooja stuff.
    But I doubt in India if people will be willing to pay for such storage. They can invest in buying a property and using it like store room but it feels difficult to pay whatever amount for such things to someone else. Shop owners without godown may find it useful

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