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Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill ( contd.. ) - Pranav Bhasin's Product Lens

Social Media Club Bangalore Double Bill ( contd.. )

Continued from the previous article here.

The second meetup was a panel on “Building social platforms for social activists” involving Jasmine Shah (@jasmine441) and Parul Gupta (@NGOPost) moderated by Gaurav Mishra ( @gauravonomics ). After a quick introduction by Keerthikiran (@keerthikiran), there was a passionate discussion between the panelists with references to how they use social media for their respective causes.

Here are some bullet points from the discussion:

  • NGOPost membership jumped from 1k to 25k when they got a Google Grant for free Adwords ads
  • Jasmine explained Janaagraha’s REED framework for improving urban quality of life
  • Social activism platforms like NGOPost and Janaagraha can bring about much needed change wthn our country
  • Why create a social platform when you can use Facebook or Twitter? Because each community has a unique soul
  • How important is local language for a social platform built for social change? It’s important but not easy
  • Janaagraha will build the critical mass of people who any cause can leverage
  • We see google translate is a great way to localize content
  • The internet is global. Why limit a platform to a country (like ngopost) or even a city (like janaagraha)? Web platforms need to build offline volunteer networks & real instituions to really bring about real change
  • How important is it for corporates to support social causes? How can social platforms be designed to encourage this?
  • How can social organizations shift the discussion from problems to solutions?
  • How can social organizations use the internet to engage older citizens & not only the youth?
  • Do overlapping web-based social initiatives dilute activism, instead of promoting it?
  • Overlapping mediums if coupled well, will actually generate more buzz. at the same time, one should have a hub
  • How do you use social platforms to bridge the gap b/w talk & action?

Here are a few photos from this meetup ( all pics here ):

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